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Why Give?

Since 1977, FaithTrust Institute has addressed violence in our communities through our prevention and intervention training and educational materials. As a multifaith nonprofit, we bring a unique perspective that empowers victims and survivors to draw upon their spiritual traditions as a resource. We are also dedicated to the elimination of the misuse of faith, which can be a roadblock on the path to healing.

Why Our Donors Give

Individual Donors: Suppporting Education and Resources for Religious Communities to Help Survivors

One of our longtime supporters contacted us recently to thank FaithTrust Institute for remaining an invaluable resource for her. As a clergymember, she has been concerned about domestic violence in families within churches. She has become more concerned about sexual abuse by clergy and how damaging it is to those victimized, their families and their congregations. She said, "I've had women come to me for pastoral counseling who said they didn't believe their faith community would help them deal with rape or incest. I told them about this national organization that is about changing religious institutions so that people can get the help they need from their faith communities. I know that there are many more safe sanctuaries now than there were 20 years ago because of the work of FaithTrust Institute." Because she knows there is much more work to be done, she remains a sustaining donor to FaithTrust Institute.

Representing Faith Communities: Helping Religious Communities Name the Truth

Religious and spiritual organizations contribute to FaithTrust Institute because of our bold mission to name the reality of domestic and sexual abuse and identify its causes in various situations. One leader from a national Christian denomination said, "FaithTrust Institute's education and awareness approach is most effective at getting to the root causes of sexual and domestic violence. FaithTrust Institute is committed to addressing this problem in all religious areas and truly bringing religious institutions to a place of accountability and authenticity."

What Your Gift Can Do

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