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A Perspective on Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community
by Salma Elkadi Abugideiri
Speaking Out and Advocating for the Muslim Child in Mosques and Community Centers
by Sakeena Abdulraheem
Reflection on Human Trafficking
by Gail Mengel with Commentaries by Salma Abugideiri and Rabbi Mark Dratch
What Religious Leaders Can Do to Respond to Sexual and Domestic Violence
Spotlight: A Movie Worth Discussing
FaithTrust Institute Offers a Multi-Faith Discussion Guide for SPOTLIGHT: The film offers a wonderful opportunity for faith communities to openly discuss the ...
Muslim Men and Domestic Violence
Information on Muslim organizations fighting domestic violence
All God's Children in the Month of Ramadan
A sermon by Marie Fortune preached in Seattle
Keep Praying...
The 200 plus girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria are not home yet. Despite efforts by Nigerian military, U.S. military, and the United Nations, ...
GUEST BLOG: Ramadan Reflections: Recharging for Social Justice Work by Afeefa Syeed
I am an aspiring potter and love to be covered in clay. I’m excited about the process of what clay does even more than what products my playing with mud might ...
Ramadan For All: We Are In This Together
Ramadan is almost here. It begins on June 6. This holy month is a time for Muslims to fast during the daylight, focus on prayer, generosity, compassion, and ...
The Winter Holidays for Battered Women
by Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune
Immigrant Muslim Women
by Salma Abugideiri
Khalidah's Story: An African American Muslim Women's Journey to Freedom
by Dr. Debra Majeed
National Imam Training on Domestic Violence
Peaceful Families Project, an initiative of United Muslim Relief, is holding a National Imam's Domestic Violence Workshop on APRIL 16-17, 2016 in Alexandria, ...
Spotlight Discussion Guide
"A Knight Templar, But No Madman"
As Muslims begin the celebration of Ramadan, I can hardly imagine what my Muslim friends and colleagues might be reflecting upon in light of the bombing and ...
Guest Blog: Ramadan Reflection
Ramadan is a time for Muslims to improve themselves and strengthen their relationships with God. Muslims are asked to abstain not only from food, drink and ...
I Am Not Worried
Ramadan began on July 8. It is a month of fasting, prayer and study of the Quran with an emphasis on self-sacrifice for Muslims around the world. Malala ...
A Tale of the Usual and the Unusual
The story of Mohammad Abdullah Saleem of Elgin, IL, is not unlike that of a Catholic priest, a Protestant pastor, a Jewish rabbi, or a Buddhist teacher who has ...
Teen Dating Violence in the Muslim Community: Protecting the Family, Eradicating Hopelessness and Healing the Community
by Sakeena Abdulraheem
An Important New Resource
We are pleased to announce that our colleague, Maha B. Alkhateeb, has published an important new resource, Islamic Marriage Contracts: A Resource Guide For ...
Islamic Marriage Contracts
Islamic Marriage Contracts: A Resource Guide For Legal Professionals, Advocates, Imams & Communities