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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries for Clergy, Spiritual Teachers, and Lay Leaders

For more than two decades, FaithTrust Institute has worked with congregations and faith organizations to create safe and healthy communities. Our Healthy Boundaries curriculum is an essential tool that guides and sustains faith leaders through their ministry/teaching.

We understand the complex roles and relationships that ministry/teaching require; we also know the damage that can be done when trust is broken between a leader and a community. The Healthy Boundaries curriculum was created to ensure that all faith and spiritual communities have resources to actively engage in this essential prevention training.


Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201: A Curriculum for Clergy and Spiritual Leaders

An ongoing curriculum for issues that impact those in the role of leadership in faith communities. Founded on a theological and ethical discussion of power and vulnerability, it focuses on the particular roles that pastoral caregivers fulfill within a spiritual community. This curriculum was developed to strengthen the understanding of the needs for boundaries, as a method of self-care and community care.

These curricula use videos to tease out key issues that clergy of all faiths and denominations raise up as challenging, and include leaders from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Buddhist traditions.

Healthy Boundaries 101:
Healthy Boundaries 201:
Beyond Basics

This training is intended for leaders who are looking for an introduction to the nature of boundaries and the issues of power and vulnerability. The 101 curriculum uses the video A Sacred Trust.

This curriculum is intended as advanced training for those already familiar with the basic principles of healthy boundaries.The 201 curriculum uses excerpts from A Sacred Trust, as well as Once You Cross the Line.

Sessions Topics Include:
  • Boundary Basics for Clergy and Teachers
  • Dating, Friendships, Gifts, and Dual Relationships
  • Transference and Touch Boundaries
  • Emerging Issues: Social Media and Technology
  • Personal Needs and Self-Care: Personal and Professional Health
Sessions Topics Include:
  • Joy of Boundaries: Revisiting the Basics and Developing a Deeper Understanding
  • Theology and Boundaries
  • Power and Vulnerability
  • Boundaries and Internet Technology
  • Boundaries and Social Media
  • Boundaries and Finance
  • Boundaries and Attraction
  • Self-Care

Healthy Boundaries 201 Supplemental Module: Taking It Back: Talking with Your Community About Healthy Boundaries


Teaching Healthy Boundaries 101 & 201: FaithTrust Institute Training Resources

The resources to lead Healthy Boundaries for Clergy trainings is available for free at These include:

    • Teaching Healthy Boundaries: A Training Manual
    • Healthy Boundaries 101: Fundamentals Workbook for Participants (Print version can be purchased at (Kindle version for purchase)
    • Healthy Boundaries 201: Beyond Basics Workbook for Participants (Print & Kindle version can be purchased at
    • Taking It Back: Talking with Your Community About Healthy Boundaries (201 Training Module)

The videos to accompany these training resources are available on our YouTube Channel for free. The include A Sacred Trust and the Healthy Boundaries 201 Teaching Clips (12 in total). In addition, we offer videos to facilitate conversations about clergy misconduct including Once You Cross the Line and Not in My Church/ Not in My Congregation.


Buddhist Healthy Boundaries 101: An Online Course for Buddhist Teachers and Senior Students

A five week online Healthy Boundaries course created to focus on the needs of Buddhist teachers and senior students and taught by Buddhist teachers. The course is offered several times a year.

Find out more about Buddhist Healthy Boundaries classes



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