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Faith Trust Institute's work is made possible through our collaborations and partnerships with organizations and denominations across the country, and across the globe.

Faith Trust Institute's work is made possible through our collaborations and partnerships with organizations and denominations across the country, and across the globe. Over the past several years, these are some of the organizations that have dedicated themselves to strengthening resources for victims and survivors, addressing the faith and cultural issues that impact survivors and perpetrators, and/or working to ensure safe and healthy communities. We thank them for the opportunity to work together toward our shared goals.


A quarterly snapshot of our collaborations

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Beginning in 2008, InFaith Community Foundation undertook an innovative approach to an issue that was important to their donors—violence against women and girls.

Congregational Education:

Through the Ending Family Violence Initiative, together we developed a training curriculum and resources to educate faith communities about the pervasiveness of domestic and sexual violence, and the critical role that faith communities can make, including:

  • supporting and affirming victims and survivors
  • centering family violence within the context of Christian ministry
  • creating effective policies to ensure the safety of children and others who are vulnerable
  • supporting healthy teen relationships through youth ministry
  • defining ways to address family violence, the most common and pervasive crime in our country, within individual congregations
  • actively participating in a regional ecumenical efforts to address the needs of victims/survivors and of the larger community

Since 2010, we have offered this training to faith communities in Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Asheville. More than 500 people, from over 150 churches, have participated in these trainings. Over 71% of responding participants stated that their church is now actively working to address domestic violence, and child abuse.

A Library of Educational Resources:

To further the reach of the Ending Family Violence Initiative, InFaith Community Foundation sponsored an array of live and recorded webinars with noted experts, providing training opportunities to hundreds of people across the country. We have been particularly surprised at the number of victim advocates and social workers who have used these webinar trainings as an opportunity to focus on the needs of their clients, who are women of faith.

Between 2012 and 2015, fifty webinars were produced thanks to the investment from InFaith Community Foundation. These live presentations remain available. The topics vary, however the primary goals were similar to the congregational trainings:

  • Faithful response to domestic violence
  • The role of the faith community in addressing domestic and sexual violence and child abuse
  • Addressing the needs of survivors from particular faiths/cultures
  • Developing and implementing effective policies and procedures to address child abuse

You can access these webinars fore free on our Why Faith Matters online educational platform, which was created in partnership with InFaith Community Foundation.

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Other Recent Partners of Note:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Georgia Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
  • J-Safe
  • Luther Seminary
  • Mennonite Church USA
  • Move to End Violence
  • Peaceful Families Project
  • South African Faith and Family Institute
  • The Carter Center
  • Unitarian Universalists Association
  • United Church of Christ
  • United Church of Canada
  • United Methodist Church
  • United Methodist Women
  • Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • We Will Speak Out US


Come back soon to learn more about another important FaithTrust Institute partner!

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